All-on-Four Implants in Fredericksburg, VA

Many people with missing teeth get bridges or removable dentures because these appliances are effective and affordable. But what if your dentist told you that you can get even better stability and chewing function with dental implants? A special type of dental implant procedure at Cox Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is not just affordable; it also eliminates problems that long-time denture wearers experience: poor fit, teeth that come off when eating or laughing, limited chewing ability, and discomfort.

What is All-on-Four?

If you’re tired of uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures, Fredericksburg, VA dentist Dr. Cox can turn your life around with the All-on-Four procedure. All-on-Four is an innovative implant system that uses only four implants to support a full dental bridge: two implants are placed normally, while the other two are angled to take advantage of existing bone. Because fewer implants are needed, you save time and money!

Besides the big savings, the special All-on-Four implants can be placed even if there is extensive bone loss. Typically, bone grafting is not required, and in many cases, temporary replacement teeth can be placed immediately after implant placement. This allows you to enjoy your favorite foods right away and lead a normal life. After a short healing period, the temporary denture is removed and replaced with the final, permanent bridge.

Benefits of the All-on-Four procedure:

  • More affordable than conventional implants. Only four implants are needed per jaw, cutting the cost significantly.
  • Bone grafting is typically not required. Two implants are tilted at an angle for maximum stability and support.
  • Short treatment time. The fully-functional temporary replacement teeth can be attached immediately to the implants.
  • Long-term teeth replacement. All-on-Four implants are designed for long-term results. With proper care, your implant-supported teeth can last for a lifetime.

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