Afraid of the Dentist

It's perfectly normal to be a little anxious about your dental appointments.  But paralyzing fear can consign you to a lifetime of bad oral health.  If you delay dental appointments because you're afraid of the dentist, your Fredericksburg, VA dentists have great news.  Cox Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is a friendly, stress-free practice where you can finally feel comfortable.

Dr. Cox works with some of the friendliest and caring dental professionals in the country, who want you to love going to the dentist.  We care for anxious patients every day, who find that dental appointments can be completely comfortable and even pleasant.  We won't begin treatment unless you are 100% ready for it.  You are always in control here, and you can stop the procedure at any time.

How We Deal with Anxiety

Dr. Cox uses relaxation techniques and sedation to keep patients calm and relaxed.  Sedation is the use of medication that calms the central nervous system.  the results can vary depending on the drug used, but most patients report little or no memory of sitting in the dental chair and reducing awareness of what's happening around them.  You are fully conscious throughout, but you'll be too sedated to care about sounds, smell or fears.

The three most common methods of sedation are inhalation (nitrous oxide or laughing gas), oral and intravenous or IV.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Nitrous oxide is the most common sedative used in dental clinics.  It is a odorless, colorless gas administered through a small mask placed over the patients's nose.  A few minutes after inhalation, most patients feel immediately relaxed.

Oral and IV Sedation

Halcion is an example of an oral sedative.  You take a pill a few hours before your appointment so you are ready to enter the treatment room.  Sedatives taken by mouth have different effects on people.  Dr. Cox is also qualified to administer IV sedatives for deep sedation.

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